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Why I Became An AirBNB Host

In 2015, Aaron and I took a quick trip to Chattanooga to explore, eat, and hike since it was only 2 hours from our home in Nashville. Aaron had heard about Airbnb through a friend and mentioned it to me. I was intrigued so… Continue Reading “Why I Became An AirBNB Host”

Why ‘Glory Be! That’s Me.’

Many folks may wonder why I would start a webpage and blog spot. I wondered the same thing when this journey began because I do not like to be connected to technology all the time nor do I like troubleshooting how to work certain… Continue Reading “Why ‘Glory Be! That’s Me.’”

The roots. This is me!

Hi, I’m Marinda and ya’ll will get to know me more as I get a chance to post more blogs and share more about all the things I do. I hope to get to know ya’ll better, as well, throughout the days and years… Continue Reading “The roots. This is me!”