/╦łnestiNG/ (v).

creating an environment that fosters growth and development, to create and settle into a warm and secure refuge, to put snugly together.

Why have a tab called Nesting? Well, Aaron and I had quite the journey building our nest and are still on the tedious path of trying to conceive life in my womb. The above definitions of nesting are also relative for those on a fertility journey. I do not call it infertility because I believe God, the ultimate creator and physician, designed women to carry life. Of course, there are some cases where that may not be physically possible but God’s path is always good and He brings motherhood in many forms. Nesting is also sometimes seen as preparing a home for a baby/child’s arrival. This instinct and biological urge is found not only in humans but many animals also. God gives the desire and will fulfill it, even if it does not appear how we thought it would.

Aaron and I were married in our 30’s (later in life some would say) and I was sick from the climate we were living in at the time in Denver. We attempted to take a honeymoon cruise several months after our wedding and mini-moon and there was an oil spill. Just like the quote about that ship don’t sail, well, we were literally on a ship that didn’t sail. In that time, with weakened immunity, I contracted CMV. I know, what is that? It is Cytomegalovirus. Many of us are carriers of this and do not know it and it does not affect us. However, it hit me hard and for many months I had unexplained bruising, fever, swollen lymph nodes, bloody nose, fatigue, and thought I was going to die. I didn’t of course because I am here writing this but it was miserable. I was told not to try to conceive or my baby could have this and die. Great way to spend your first year of marriage! You can read more about this in my future blog posts. Anyway, after that we went on our honeymoon do over, part duex we call it. Shortly thereafter we became pregnant and 5 or so weeks later miscarried. The journey to figure out why that happened led us down some more treacherous paths and all just to learn that I was healthy yet have what is labeled as “unexplained infertility”. Long story short, we adopted our son Thompson with less than 24 hours notice in 2017. He is the most precious gift I could ever have. We have still been trying to conceive since then and are walking along that journey one step at time.

We started a life group called ‘The Nest’ in 2018. The goal was to support those who have been trying to conceive for a year or more, those who have miscarried, or those seeking to foster or adopt. This group has been a wonderful place for couples to share their feelings, seek support, pray together, and cheer one another along as we all prepare our nests! As time continues and life goes on, we often have couples ‘graduate’ from our group or join our group. With that being said, we currently have a few spots open for new group members. If our nesting group is something you would like to be a part of, please fill out the form below and we will reach back out to you shortly!

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Our Nesting Journey

Hear about why this Nesting Page came about as we share our journey of trying to start a family, God’s unexpected blessing, and our future hope of expanding our Nest.   As vulnerable as it makes us feel to share, the desire to provide support to others on their journey motivates us to be as transparent as we can.  We both wish we had something like this to help us through our many challenges.  May this video meet you where you are at and be just what you need.

Want to Help Others With Their Journey?

One of the biggest factors that holds families back from adopting is often a lack of funds. When we went through our adoption process, we were blessed with the help we needed to get our precious, Thompson, so we want to do our part to help others too! This is why we will often have a “Featured Couple” to help on this page. So, if you feel called, please partner with us in helping other families raise money for adoption.

Our current ‘Featured Couple’ is Jessica and Barry Lee. To learn more about their story or to help them in their journey, click here.

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