Hi there, My name is Marinda and I am a work from home Appalachian Mountain Momma who is either going thissaway or thataway, dabbling in all sorts of things at any given time. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

No one day is ever the same in my life, which you will come to learn if you follow along on this journey of mine. That can be challenging at times since I am one who likes structure. It is also freeing in that I can flow with what the day brings and am able to prioritize what is most important at any given time.

Those who know me will say I am passionate about everything I do. I love inspiring, encouraging, and sharing God and His love with others.

Some call me a “Jill of all trades”, but that phrase has never settled well with me. I do a variety of things because I enjoy the diversity and have learned to be resourceful in life. Some of the trade names I’ve been given include gardener, visionary, chicken momma, entrepreneur, property manager, Child Life Specialist, egg seller, Airbnb Superhost, fixer upper, Jesus and Me teacher, piggy parent, and many more, but that’s all I can come up with for now haha.

My husband Aaron and I own what I call a small “patch”. A 2.5 acre homestead/urban farm called Glory Be Mini Farm in Nashville, TN. I love being in God’s nature and sharing my way of life with others. Our homestead is not off the grid or completely able to to provide for us, but does offer plenty of food, space to make memories, and teaching opportunities for my son and others who come by and visit.

I am basically a mountain woman making my “patch” in the city as country as possible. Meaning that I strive for a slower pace of life in a fast paced society. Those who know me may say I never slow down, but that is not true. This past year has been learning from the Lord about having true Sabbath Rest. There is an awesome podcast on this that I will share soon. Yes, to many folks I still am busy, but to my standards I have slowed down a lot. I had to learn to do that and be intentional as there is a constant pull for time, attention, and the next thing to do in our culture. I strive to notice those things and then prioritize God first, family second, and the rest third while raising my toddler son, Thompson, with life skills and most importantly my presence.

My wonderful husband Aaron works as a Project Manager for a construction company so he has traditional hours. He is very supportive of my way of life and heritage and tells me he is now a ‘mountain man’ himself after being married to me, hehe! Some hard days on the farm when he has to put down a sick animal, he may question why he did actually marry this ole’ mountain gal. When not at his full time job, he loves participating in many roles on the farm including builder, compost manager, coop designer, problem solver, fixer upper, water system implementer and more.

My toddler son, Thompson, is a delight to many, including myself. He is full of joy, love, has a silly sense of humor, is compassionate, empathetic, full of energy, and bold! I love being with him and seeing him do new and different things every day. His empathy and love for animals is precious which I am sure you will get a glimpse of during our time together. Plus he has his momma’s mountain accent which I am not ashamed of one bit! What a sweet gift from God he is.

Thanks for being part of my community. I’m excited to hear from ya’ll throughout this journey! Feel free to read more about me and why I started this page under my “Blog” tab.

Have a great day and know that you are loved!