Farm School

An Appalachian Inspired Nature Play Program

Being Appalachian, it’s important to me to pass along the wise lessons that were taught to me when I was young. Many children and families may not have access to these life skills, tools, and hand-me-down lessons. I feel blessed to have access to a farm where I can help. Some of that wisdom includes:

  • The practical skills of planting seeds and growing a garden so they know how to have their own food and where it comes from.
  • The raising of animals from babies, in a healthy manner, so that they are calm and provide good food.
  • Teaching that being in the sunshine and fresh air is healthy for our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Sharing these things are why I created Farmstead Nature Play Days ie Farm School! This allows caregivers and their children to experience farm life and be encouraged to explore freely outside. Children are naturally curious and having wide open spaces allows them to be creative, have wonder, and explore abundantly.

Building a community of others and sharing about God are another reason farm school began. In times of families that live far away, disconnectedness, and busyness, I felt a pull to gather others around. This community builds friendships, supports one another, offers encouragement through the Lord and His plans, and provides life skills all at the same time. Right now, farm school is for preschool age children and under. Parents or caregivers come with their children to share and learn. Farm school may expand to other ages in the future. There is no cost to attend farm school but donations are accepted to help with material costs.

Spring Semester Play Days:
  • March 17th (10am-1pm)
  • March 24th (10am-1pm)
  • March 31st (10am-1pm)
  • April 7th (10am-1pm)
  • April 14th (10am-1pm)
  • April 21st (10am-1pm)
  • April 28th (10am-1pm)
  • May 12th (10am-1pm)

**The Spring Semester is now full, but keep an eye out for Summer Semester information coming in April!

Upcoming farm school themes:
New to farm school?
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“Thanks to farm school, my 4 year old has a renewed love for the outdoors. He loves the opportunity to explore all that nature has to offer & he has enjoyed making new friends. Creek play, mud, and feeding animals have been some of his favorites. As a mom, I’ve learned so much right alongside of him. This has been such a blessing to our family.”

Sara | Farm School Mom

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