Implementing Healthy Rhythms, Balance, and Daily Affirmations into your Daily Life

Let’s be honest, are you 100% still working wholeheartedly on your New Year’s resolutions? There are many things in life and distractions which can cause us to lose momentum. How can we continue to be motivated and keep momentum with a healthy pace throughout the year?  

There are few tools that I wanted to share with you that have helped myself and my family to create healthier rhythms, stay encouraged, and live a balanced lifestyle. Having healthy rhythms and mindsets will fluctuate and change.  It is essential to keep in mind that perfection is not needed nor expected, so give yourself grace. Trying something new can be scary and exciting.  It takes time to really get into a rhythm, feel balanced, and feel encouraged on a regular basis.   

The tools that I hope will help you are as follows:

Silk & Sonder, Monthly Wellness and Self Care Planner

This planner has been wonderful for me.  I was searching for something that helped me prioritize self care, was not overwhelming, and allowed me to be creative.  I love this planner because it has a coloring page, habit tracker, mood tracker, self care ideas and support, as well as an online community.  I use the app to connect to others and see how they complete their planners or what they are doing to help themselves.  The planner is different monthly so I feel like I get a fresh start each month.  It refreshes me and helps me not feel stressed or stagnant.  I chose the 3 month subscription but there are other options also.  Each month, I get excited to go to the mailbox for my planner.  It is an investment but to me well worth it because of the community, creative outlets, and ways in which it encourages self care.  Another aspect of this planner that I love is that it is truly a scrapbook for me when finished.  It is something I can save and look back on in the future to see what life looked like or remember certain times.  

Find it HERE

Family Plan Calendar

As I was trying to organize myself individually and figure out how I was going to function daily after the death of my mom, I realized that I also needed something to help our family.  I located the Family Plan Calendar and loved how it included the entire family and everyone’s individual plans all in one place.  I love how this calendar has more than just dates and space for things to add on.  It has a prayer request section, grateful list, meal plan for the week, grocery list, and chore or to do list.  Everything is all in one place, it is large enough to be visible, and inspired us to have weekly family meetings to organize ourselves and communicate better.  You can see Aaron and I talk about how we started using this plan and see the plan more in detail here.

Daily Affirmations

These are a great way to incorporate inspiration into your daily routine. Having a personal planner and family plan are great tools, but adding affirmations will help encourage you daily as you create new rhythms.  These do not have to be big, grand gestures or a huge time commitment in your day. Just by simply reading & repeating affirmations, you are already on your way to building a new positive habit! As you read special quotes to you or affirmations below, notice any limiting self beliefs that pop up.  Take a self inventory by noticing them, not judging them, and then replacing the negative thoughts with the truth.  The truth is what God says about you, that you are loved, perfectly and wonderfully made, and capable of love and being loved. 

Here are some other simple ways to build affirmations into your daily routines: 

  • While it may feel silly, say the affirmation out loud in the mirror when you start your morning routine.  
  • Write it across the top of your planner or calendar for the day or in your journal.
  • Place a sticky note somewhere in your house that you will see throughout your day.  I have scripture all over the place in my home and on mirrors that I read daily.
  • Recruit a friend or loved one to be an accountability partner. Take turns sharing affirmations and building on another up.
  • Make an affirmation box or jar and fill with affirmations.  I have a jar that Aaron made for me a long time ago that he adds to every year.  You can make something similar that is special for you and then pull one out daily and read and speak it to yourself. 

Affirmation examples:

  • I am strong.
  • I am enough
  • God has great plans for my life.
  • All I need is within me right now.
  • I am kind and help inspire others to be kind
  • I am loved
  • I appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given.
  • I trust God.
  • I give myself permission to take time for myself.
  • I am powerful
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  • I have been uniquely designed for a purpose.
  • God listens to me.
  • I am grateful for the things I have in life.
  • I only need to be who God made me to be. 
  • ​I forgive those who have hurt me.

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