Hands-On Homestead Classes

An Appalachian Inspired Homestead Learning Program

The way I learned most of what I know, was working elbow to elbow with my Granny, Papaw, Momma, or someone more seasoned than me.  I was able to gather wisdom by being shown and doing alongside someone else instead of just reading it in a book or online.  This is the vision I hope to offer in my Hands On Homestead Learning Series.  A place where people can learn by doing, alongside someone seasoned, and build a lifelong skill that can be passed to future generations.  If I was not taught the trades of my family, those Appalachian ways and old-timey tips, they would be lost.  I want that generational wisdom to carry on and to continue the legacy of my Appalachian Mountain roots.  

What to Expect:
  •  You can expect to receive details about each offering via email once your class is registered and paid for.  This will tell you what to bring and how to best prepare for our time together. 
  • You will learn by watching, using your own hands to do, and doing together.  I offer most classes in a small group setting in order to build community and network with one another.
  • After most classes, there are items that are taken home so that you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.    
Upcoming Classes:
  • August 19th – Community Canning Class / Register HERE
  • August 26th – Natural Remedies & Homemade First Aid Kits / Register HERE
  • September 16th – Breadmaking & Milling / Register HERE
  • September 23rd – Backyard Poultry / Register HERE
  • October 14th – Canning Apple Butter / Register HERE
Past class topics:

Interested in future Hands-On Homestead Classes?
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“I’ve always wanted to learn to can foods but have been too nervous to try it. Marinda’s class was very hands on and thorough. She was right there with us helping every step of the way, answering all of our questions, and giving us tips and tricks. I’ve since bought my own canning supplies and can’t wait to get started at home!”

– Beth | Class Attendee

“Thank you for these classes! Thank you for offering something the world needs, hands-on learning of essential life skills! I’ve learned things I was too afraid to try on my own, but with her guidance and wisdom I feel so much more confident. She makes everyone feel welcome, like family even! I love it so much! Her tips and tricks that come passed down from her Appalachian heritage are priceless. She’s a treasure trove of wisdom and valuable skills and a dear friend.”

– Isadora | Class Attendee