How to Make Snow Cream

When 6 inches of beautiful, white, fluffy snow falls in your area, what do you do?  You go out and get some and make ice cream with it, of course!  Haha!  Well, this is what our family does anyhow.  We love when snow falls in our area and after spending time playing in it, we like to collect some and make delicious snow cream.  Thompson is also dairy free so we will share with you what we add to make dairy free snow cream! Follow the 4 easy steps below…

1. Gather the following ingredients:

1 Cup of milk (almond or your preferred milk if dairy free)

1-2 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract (depending on how much vanilla flavor you like)

1 Pinch of Salt (we use Himalayan Pink Salt)

½ Cup Pure Cane Sugar

2. Mix these together in their own bowl. 

3. Then, go get 8 fresh cups of snow.  Quickly bring it in and add it scoop by scoop to the ingredients in the bowl, stirring as you add. Continue adding the snow until the texture becomes creamy and thick. 

4. Scoop desired amount into serving bowl, top with sprinkles if you like and eat up!  I also added chocolate syrup to mine, but you can add what you like.  Nuts, sprinkles, cherry, whip cream, anything!  It is up to you.

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